Dear Property owners:

By this notice, property owner of the E.U.C. “Parques de Sotogrande” are notified that the fees of the Entity for the year 2023, which were approved at the General Assembly that took place 18th August 2022, are payable within the voluntary period establish as between 1st January and 15th February of each year, except for those who pay by bank standing order and have previously sent the corresponding document, in which case the payment will be sent the first day of the first month of each quarter, January, April, July and October. Following this period, collection of this payment will commence either via Administrative or legal Procedure, applying the surcharges and legal cost established by the General Tributary Law 58/2003 of 17th December, this is also applicable to the Civil Procedure, as per agreed at the General Meeting. The document is at the disposal of the property owner at the offices of the Entity situated at Mar y Sol Commercial Centre, Office 419, 1st floor, 11310 Sotogrande, San Roque (Cádiz).

Appeals. Against this agreement and of the individual payment of the ordinary fees of the E.U.C. can be made as follows: Appeal lodged before the Governing Board, as stated in Articles 47.2. 1st of the Statutes of the E.U.C.; or, directly to the Town Hall of San Roque, both in the period of one month from the date of publication in the corresponding Official Buletin, or any other convenient appeal.

The presentation of an appeal does not suspend the obligation of settling the claimed amount.

Yours sincerely,

D. Sergio Sánchez Domínguez
Manager E.U.C. “Parques de Sotogrande”